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Promoting Your Entertainment Company With Employee Vehicles

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If you own an entertainment company where clowns or magicians show up at homes to entertain children at parties, you may want to use vehicles to help with the advertising of this business around your locale. Vehicle advertising is a successful method for gaining new customers as it allows all types of people to see your information while on the roadway. Here are some ideas you can use when advertising a party entertainment business on the open roads.

Use Vehicle Graphics To Gain Attention

Since you are in the entertainment business, you will want to keep your advertisements fun and whimsical. Use brightly-colored lettering on magnetic signs to place on the sides and fronts of vehicles your employees use for work purposes. Using a vehicle wrap complete with a clown or magician's image will be sure to gain attention from anyone employees come into contact with. These additions to vehicles will also serve as security to customers as they will know their entertainment source has arrived when they peer out of their window to see who had just pulled into their driveways.

Just make sure that all magnetic signs or vehicle wraps clearly convey the business name and contact information. Bright lettering and unique typefaces might draw attention, but it won't do your entertainers any good if people can't actually find the business later on.

Place Moving Objects On Vehicles When They Are Parked

Parking vehicles in busy locations will help attract attention to the signs upon them. One way to get further attention is with the use of moving items upon the vehicle's body. Place pinwheels on each vehicle antennae or instruct employees to bring a bunch of balloons with them to hang outside of their window when they park their vehicle. This will be sure to get children to look at the vehicle, possibly gathering party work from their parents in the future as a result.

Use Giveaways And Music To Attract New Customers

Consider having employees park their vehicles in busy lots to draw attention from shoppers in the area at times they are not working at a party. Placing business cards in a holder on the side of each vehicle will be a great touch for those who get near enough to see what type of information the vehicle's signs are displaying. Or you could even include coupons for discounts on party appearances.

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