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Tips For Designing An Effective Monument Sign For Your Museum

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If you're in charge of a museum that will be opening soon, it's important to give a significant amount of thought to the signs that you'll need in various locations. Several navigational signs inside of the museum will be critical for helping guests find their way from exhibit to exhibit, but you'll also want to think about exterior signage. One type of sign that is valuable is a monument sign — a large sign that will display the name of the museum to help people as they approach in vehicles. Partner with a custom sign company that has extensive experience with monument signs so that you can discuss these design ideas.

Matching Materials

A custom sign company can produce your monument sign out of many different materials. It's a good idea to think about designing the sign to match the exterior of your museum. Doing so will create a unified look that heightens the curb appeal of your property as a whole. In many cases, a museum's exterior design will reflect its focus. For example, a museum that focuses on aviation may have sleek aluminum elements on the exterior of the building that mimic the look of an airplane. Talk to your sign company about mirroring these elements on your monument sign.

Digital Screen

There's a good chance that your sign company will ask if you want a digital screen as part of your monument sign. It's generally a good idea to lean toward this feature because of the benefits that it can provide. Having a screen means that you can constantly display new information about the museum in the months and years after you open. For example, you may wish to provide information about temporary exhibits — the name of each exhibit and the dates that it's open. Having a screen that provides these details will almost certainly encourage community members to visit the museum to see the new items on display.

Navigational Information

While you can certainly have some separate navigational signs on your property, it doesn't hurt to strongly consider using part of your monument sign to provide some details for those who are arriving. For example, wording and an arrow on the sign that direct people toward the main parking lot can be helpful, as can a part of the sign that directs people toward the bus lot. The latter is especially important if your museum will be hosting school and camp groups who visit by bus. This type of information can prevent issues with the flow of traffic in your parking lots.

To learn more, contact a company that offers monument signs.