What Makes a Sign Effective?

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Enticing Potential Customers to Stop at Your Roadside Business

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If you own a store on a busy street, you most likely have an influx of customers that come inside regularly to make purchases. If you are interested in expanding the number of people who stop by to take a look at your wares, methods in advertising can be used to make your business intriguing. Here are some tips you can use to try to get more people inside your establishment, thereby increasing sales as a result.

Place a Large Sign in Front of Your Business

A manufactured sign can be a great addition to your property when you wish to increase the amount of foot traffic that makes its way into your store. Contact a local sign making company to start the design process necessary in constructing the perfect sign to use for your store. A company like Cardinal Sign Corporation will have ideas about the lettering, logo usage, and text to add to the sign to be effective in grabbing attention of those in the area. A lighted sign can be a great way to grab extra customers who pass by your establishment during the nighttime hours.

Host a Sale to Increase Your Customer Base

Advertise that your business plans to hold a sale on a specific date via radio and printed flyers. On the day of the event, have music playing and invite customers to come to your business so there is a crowd in front of the building at all times. This will aid in getting others to stop in to see what is going on. Hand out coupons for visitors to use during subsequent days so they are enticed to come back in the future.

Use Movable Objects to Increase Attention

Placing balloons on your sign or on the front of your building will help attract attention. Consider having an employee dress up in a costume and have them hold a sign informing those passing by about the products for sale in your store. Use bright colors to help in getting people to look toward your business as they walk or drive past.

Offer Promotional Items to Customers

Handing out promotional items to those who come inside or walk past your store is a great way to get them to come back again later. Pens, shirts, or office supplies are great objects that can be used by all who receive them. Make sure to place your store's name and phone number on each item as this will remind the recipients where they had received it, potentially leading them to stop back in to purchase something at a later time.