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Tips to Get the Most From Your Bumper Stickers

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It can be common for individuals to add bumper stickers to their vehicles. This can be an effective way of helping to raise awareness about important issues or share your sense of humor. Unfortunately, it can be a routine issue for individuals to be unsure of what is needed to get the most out of their bumper stickers, but you can avoid this fate through the use of some basic tips.

Clean the Area Where the Bumper Sticker Will Be Applied

Prior to placing the bumper sticker on the car, it is important to thoroughly clean and rinse the area where it will be applied. Dust, dirt, and grime can impede the sticker's ability to attach to the car, which can result in peeling soon after being put on. For the best results, you should use automotive soap when cleaning this area, and if you use soap during this process, you will need to thoroughly rinse it before applying the bumper sticker to avoid degrading the adhesive.

Avoid Using Soap When Washing the Bumper Sticker

Over the time that the bumper sticker is on the car, you will want to avoid applying soap or using high-pressure jets of water on the bumper stickers. The soap can degrade the adhesive and cause the sticker to become discolored. A high-pressure jet of water could cause the sticker to loosen, which could lead to it peeling off. To keep the bumper sticker clean, you should use a soft and wet sponge or cloth to gently wipe it. 

Properly Remove the Bumper Sticker When You Are Done With It

After you are done with the bumper sticker, you will want to carefully remove it. Improperly removing the bumper sticker can damage the paint. To safely remove these stickers, you should wait for a relatively warm day. Attempting to remove a bumper sticker during the cold winter months can make it more likely to break as it will be brittle and possibly frozen. When removing the sticker, you should gently pull at one corner of the sticker by getting your fingernail under it. The dull side of a plastic butter knife can also be effective at getting under the sticker so that it can be pried loose. Once you have removed the sticker, you should use a degreaser to remove the adhesive that held the sticker in place. Leaving the adhesive on the car can allow a sizable amount of dust and dirt to gather on it, which can prove to be unsightly.