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Four Tips For Better Roadside Signs

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If you own any sort of business, then you need a good, readable roadside sign. Not only will this help existing customers find your business as they drive by, but it will also help advertise your business and find you new clients. So, what goes into making a good roadside sign? Follow these four tips for a sign that will draw in more business and stay looking nice for many years.

1. Hire an Engineer

There are many artists and crafters out there who would love to design you a sign. But while the designs they come up with may be beautiful, they won't always be structurally sound. A pretty sign won't do a lot of good if it gets blown over in the first big storm! So, hire a sign company that employs engineers. They should plan each sign design in a structural sense, as well as in appearance.

2. Keep the Message Simple

Your roadside sign is not the place to tell customers all they need to know about your business. Keep it simple by including the business name and, if you prefer, the opening hours. Anyone who wants to know more can pull into your lot and talk to you or look your business up online and read more on your website. Too much text will just distract and overwhelm people who drive by.

3. Make Sure the Colors Pop

If your business already has a dedicated color scheme, you want to stick with that color scheme on the sign—but not at the cost of ending up with an overly detailed or busy sign. For instance, if your business's colors are red, yellow, black, and blue, you may want to go with just red and black on the sign for simplicity's sake. Make sure you ask your sign company to see a mock-up of the sign before it is made, so you can ensure the text color stands out against the background color.

4. Angle It Properly

You do not want your sign parallel or perpendicular to the road. Placing it at about a 30-degree angle to the road is actually the best bet, since this makes the sign easier for those driving towards it to read. Tell your sign design engineer where you plan to place the sign and at what angle, so they can take these factors into account when designing you a sturdy sign.

For ideas, go to websites specialized in sign design.