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Use Various Types Of Real Estate Signs And Subtle Decor To Promote A Home Or Business

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Whether you are an independent property owner looking to rent a building or a real estate agent who has a new home coming onto the forefront that you would like to sell quickly, custom signage and aesthetical details can increase the response rate of prospective renters or buyers. Use various types of advertising mixed with subtle decor to promote a home or business.

Use Catchphrases And Slogans And Purchase Feather Flags

Catchphrases like 'won't last long' or 'a steal of a deal' are short and sweet while getting a point across to the public. Think of some phrases that describe your property in a nutshell, and that may intrigue people to delve further into exploring what the property has to offer. Have custom signs printed that can be placed inside of real estate signage brackets or displayed independently alongside a curb.

If you would like to include bright colors and flashy symbols in each advertisement, purchase multiple feather flags. Feather flags are prominent, weather-resistant, and lightweight, making them an ideal advertising tool that can be placed just about anywhere on your property. 

Affix Decals To Glass Panes

If you own a business that is located in a commercial district and that is not set upon a plot of land that will support real estate signs, vinyl decals can be used instead.

Vinyl decals can contain descriptions and contact information just like a standard real estate sign and can be secured to clean, dry glass panes. Make sure that vinyl signs are large and contain sharp contrasting colors so that what is printed on each advertising material can be easily scanned by the public. 

Tidy Up The Land And Add Decor

One thing that can truly turn off a prospective buyer is an unsightly property that doesn't look like it has been tended to for years. Not only will this signify that you do not have pride in what you are renting or selling, but it will also make it seem as if you do not even care if anyone contacts you to inquire about a home or business. 

You don't have to completely transform the land, just make it neat by trimming overgrowth, removing dead limbs, and raking and bagging leaves. Use festive, seasonal decor to add a 'wow' factor to land. Since fall is coming, for instance, use dried corn husks, pumpkins, gourds, or autumn-like flowers to enhance the corners of your property.