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Are You Decorating Your Daughter's Bedroom?

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Has your daughter outgrown the little girl decorations that are presently in her bedroom? Perhaps she is now a pre-teen or a teenager and she has hinted or outright asked for her bedroom to reflect her current life. With this in mind, from selecting wall graphics to changing the other decor in your daughter's bedroom, here are some ideas that might help you.

Choose Wall Graphics - Can you imagine what vinyl cutting machines are turning out in the world of wall decor? it pretty much boggles the mind how many choices are available for your daughter's bedroom wall. Are you surprising her, or does she get to help you choose. Either way, go with her personality and her current pastimes. For example, if you think your daughter would love a whimsical wall graphic design, think of selecting large black and white flowers at the base of the design and then choose petals and butterflies that go across the remainder of the wall.

Perhaps your daughter is a studious child who loves things like geography. If that's the case, consider a vinyl graphic sign that depicts all the continents of the world. Is she into horses? In that case, consider a wall mural that depicts a country scene and horses. Wall graphics are so easy to use that you can do the job yourself in a relatively short period of time. And, if the time comes that you want to change the wall graphics, they are very easily removed. 

Make Other Changes - Unless you want to spend the money, you more than likely can just use the existing furniture in your daughter's room. Just make some changes that will go with her wall graphics. For example, if you selected the black and white wall graphic of the flower and the butterflies, consider giving the room some added drama by selecting a bedspread in her favorite color. Then, keeping with the flower theme, choose throw pillows in the shape of flowers.

If you went with the geographical wall graphic, choose throw pillows that depict famous places like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. And, if you went with a horse-themed graphic, choose a bedspread and throw pillows that will complement that. Make changes in things like bedside table lamps, too. For example, if you selected the black and white wall graphic, choose bedside table lamps that are the same color as the bedspread you selected. 

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