What Makes a Sign Effective?

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Creating Signage That Will Sell Commercial Space

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The commercial real estate market is a competitive one. Agents are often vying for the same clients, making advertising an important factor in the overall success of any commercial real estate deal.

The type of signage that you use to advertise your available commercial properties could make the difference between a quick closing and a property that sits on the market. Consider these factors when you are designing your signage to ensure you have commercial real estate advertising materials that will sell.

Include the Right Information

The signage that you post on a commercial property should do more than just let a buyer know that the property is available. You want to include pertinent information that will help your prospective buyers determine if the property will meet their needs.

Be sure that you include the square footage of any warehouse or office buildings on the property. Disclose zoning designations so that a company will be able to determine if they can conduct business on the property with ease. The right information will help draw the right buyer, making it easier to sell a commercial property.

Use the Right Colors

Color plays an important role in the design of any signage. Commercial real estate signs don't need to be bland and boring. In fact, they should reach out and capture the attention of anyone passing by so that you can expose as many potential buyers as possible to the property you are offering.

Take a look at the signage that already exists within the area where your commercial property is located. Try to pick a color scheme that will stand out from the other signage. You should also factor in your own agency's logo colors when designing new signage.

For sale signs can act as valuable recruitment tools to help you attract new clients when you use them to help reinforce your agency's brand.

Leave Ample White Space

Blank space is critical in the design of any successful sign. Often referred to as white space, any areas of your sign that are void of text, lines, graphics, or other design elements should be used strategically to enhance the overall aesthetic of the sign.

White space (which doesn't always have to be white if the background color of your sign differs) helps make a sign more readable and pleasing to the eye. Potential buyers are more likely to notice a commercial real estate sign that strategically uses white space to highlight important selling points. Look online at sites like http://www.genesis-signs.com/ to see what types of commercial real estate signs are available.