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All About Teardrop Headstone Monuments

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Choosing a headstone is a life event that usually involves some thought. Death often causes sadness and grief. This is one of the reasons that tear-drop headstone monuments are a popular choice. You can choose a headstone for yourself prior to your death. There is also the option to choose a headstone even if a formal burial does not take place. These types of headstones serve as monumental/display headstones and are ideal for individuals who have been cremated or buried in a different location. The families of missing persons who the authorities have declared deceased may choose this option to provide a sense of closure despite not having actual remains. Teardrop headstones are a fitting option for all deaths because they resemble the shape(s) of tear-drops. The following points serve as an informational preview to help you choose the right style headstone monument


This type of headstone is similar to other headstone monuments because the materials available are the same. Granite is a widely used material for headstones because it is long-lasting. Many people appreciate this material because it does not require extensive upkeep. There are other material choices, and a custom headstone monuments provider can help you compare materials and choose the best one for your needs. It is important to note that today's headstones can be custom colored and customized with other enhancements such as engravings and tile. 

Double Teardrop

This is an option for individuals who desire a double-marked site. It can be installed at the head of two gravesites. Couples, best friends, or a single parent with one child might be ideal for this type of headstone. Both individuals are honored on one teardrop-shaped headstone with their own unique sections of it. 

Infant Teardrop 

No one wants to think about losing a child. Unfortunately, it happens and sometimes mothers may lose their babies due to childbirth or pregnancy complications. A headstone monument for this tragic life event can be memorialized. These headstones are usually smaller than other grave markers signifying the loss of a baby.

Teardrop with Bench

Some individuals grieve and want to be able to visit the headstone monument area designated for their loved ones on a regular basis. A custom headstone monument with a bench can create a sense of comfort and wholeness. 

Teardrop with Vase

Flowers are one way that family members and other loved ones continue to pay their respects to deceased individuals. You can opt to get the top of the teardrop headstone designed with a vase for flowers.