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Why Should You Use Custom Business Signs?

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Nearly all businesses need signage of some type. However, you might wonder if investing in custom company sign manufacturing is necessary. If you're on the fence about custom business signs, you can assess your needs by looking at these 6 common reasons companies tend to use them.

Quality Signal

One business has generic signage with no branding on it. Another business has branding built into all the custom business signs on its location. Who is more committed to quality?

Paying for custom business sign manufacturing lets everybody know your company cares about doing the little things well. This extends beyond customers. Employees, contractors, suppliers, and shippers will all understand you care about quality if you post custom signage.

Connecting the Brand to the Location

Some businesses need custom signs so they can help visitors connect the brand to a location. A hotel, for example, wants people looking for its location to see the signs so they can get there. The hotel's signage appears so many miles from the location to let travelers know the option is there, too.

Affinity with the Nearby Community

If a business is thoroughly integrated with the surrounding community, the line between its brand and the community should be a bit blurry. Custom business signs allow you to integrate local colors into signs. A nightclub along a popular beach, for example, may want signs that signal affinity with the surrounding area. Many businesses also connect with local symbols, such as the colors of city or state flags. Customization allows you to draw that connection with style.

Standing Out

Especially in locations with lots of signage, it takes a lot for one sign to stand out. Custom company signs use shapes, colors, and logos to break through the noise. The same is applicable in areas with lots of street signs. A restaurant near a highway exit, for example, may have to compete with signs around the road. Placing custom business signs around the location can differentiate from the more practical signage nearby.

Always-On Marketing

Signs don't sleep. As long you illuminate them, they never go off. The net effect is a custom sign provides 24/7 marketing with your brand front and center.


Established brands can have a hard time garnering attention once people get used to a company's signage. Using custom company sign manufacturing is a good way to change things up. Variety can recapture attention and remind people of your brand.

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